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Florenze overseas services possesses an impressive array of invaluable services



1. Selecting a suitable course

Owing to the availability of innumerable courses, it may be a tough task to choose one which would bring all round benefit to the aspirant. At Florenze, you would not only get the latest information about various courses at all levels – Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters etc. but also, suggestions from our counselors who would evaluate the possible options, your preference & overall relevance with regard to the Course in question.

2. Selecting a University

The number of Universities & colleges providing the same courses in various countries is astounding. Selecting an appropriate University compatible with individual’s academic profile requires well informed guidance from an experienced authority.

3. Selecting the country

Many counties are competing with each other to provide the best facilities to foreign students. However, their social, political & administrative circumstances may not suit all. For a detailed comparison of the different countries & expert advice on the one matching your profile & preference, Florenze counseling support is indispensable.

4. Getting the Admission

It may sound simple but getting admission involves factors like college or department deadlines, overt & unobvious requirements needing prior experience, fees & payment options, mandatory documents, sending addresses, application status determination, & so on. Florenze expertise will prove extremely helpful at this point also.

5. VISA Procedure

Misconceptions, hearsays and malevolent suggestions render this part of foreign education effort an intimidating hue. It doubtlessly requires a thoroughly professional approach and expert handling. Financial documentation, application procedure & other formalities need to be executed meticulously & without errors. The wide experience of Florenze team will improve your visa approval chances, taking your dream into the realization zone.

6. Facing the VISA interview

To prepare our candidates to face the VISA interview, we organize mock VISA interviews so that aspirant becomes aware before hand of the pattern and the various sensitive areas which may create hindrance in VISA approval.

7. Filing for Bank Loans

Securing a Bank Loan may be tricky and at the same time, very beneficial for the aspirants, if not necessary. Florenze Financial Advisory team assists you in loan approval as well as loan amount maximization.

8. Assistance in Travel

Our team assists the students in a multitude of travel related details – Discount on Air tickets, Forex needs, Airport pickups etc.

Before landing

For entering the chosen country, the students are trained by our team to ensure smooth migration. It includes preparation for the immigration officer’s questions, declaration of funds, travelling weight limits etc.

9. After landing

Florenze team, at on-shore offices, constantly assist the students in matters like accommodation, local transportation, medical & local insurance, part – time jobs, immigration & work permits, do’s & don’ts in foreign country & socializing.

   Our goal is to make the foreign Education experience of our wards as pleasant & smooth as possible & the Florenze Team is committed to achieve the same.